Neck lines-A tailors point of view


I have been running my own boutique shop for a couple of years now. And I want to share my experience and some frustrations I have come across while taking stitching orders for my customers, specifically choosing of the necklines.

choosing the necklines.jpg

I can classify my customers roughly into four categories

  • Those who knows what looks good on them.(I want this. what do you think?)
  • Those who leaves it the designer’s hand( you choose what would be good.)
  • Those who think they know what looks good on them(I saw such and such person wearing this. It looked great. I want it.)
  • Those who don’t really care.(It’s just a dress for rough use..blah blah blah)

The first category would be my ideal customer. She knows her body and mind and is willing to experiment new looks. She is excited about the new clothing and wants to look great in them.  The second is bit of a risk. Even Though she is giving me a free hand, there is always a chance she might not like what i think will look good. It is imperative to discuss every aspect of the dress and get her okay on details..

The third is the source of constant frustration to me. They think they know what looks good and are not ready to deviate from their idea.They might ask me about the design but always disregard my advice anyway. They do not consider any other factor other than the image they have on their mind about how the dress should look.The final group, though not really a danger, take the fun out of my profession.

Why is it important?

The neckline plays a major part in the look of the finished dress. If chosen wisely it should flatter your figure as well as your face..In technical speak “It should emphasis your flattering parts and draw the eyes away from your problem areas.” In normal english. Dont ignore it friends. This might make you look dumpy or beautiful depending on your choice. So pay attention..

choosing the necklines (2)

The important factors to consider before deciding your neckline

The shape of your face and body type.

It’s true people. The right neckline could compliment  the dress as well as the wearer. There are some great resources out there to help you choose what might look good on you.. Do some research.. I found some basic  guidelines to help you  here and here.

The type of the material.

Trust me guys.. As much as a collar neck might flatter you, you don’t want to be wearing a collar neck in a synthetic material, suffocating you in the summer heat. so consider the type and drape of cloth you have chosen as well as the season right ahead.

The occasion on which the dress is to be worn.

Be it a wedding, a job interview, evening out with friends or at home trying to tackle all the household work. Comfort should be an important consideration.


It is always prudent to consider the accessories you are going to be wearing with the dress.If you are planning to wear a statement necklace or earring with the dress it is advisable to keep the neckline simple and open.

When in doubt keep it simple

Dont follow others blindly

It looks great on nayanthara. It might not look so good on you. consider the difference in the body shapes before copying your favorite heroine or your next door neighbour. You are unique. Your dress should reflect your style. Above all, Have fun. Dont close yourself in a box. Experiment on new looks and be a source of inspiration to others.

choosing the necklines (3)

If you are looking for some inspiration on choosing a neckline browse my pinterest board  dedicated to necklines.

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I value your feed backs very much. consider leaving a comment.

Until next time,Cheers



DIY earring

Hi there.

This is my first time writing a tutorial post.And we will be making a simple tassel earrings with ball chains that’s available in a variety of colors for silk thread jewellery.. Without further ado here are the list of materials

Materials needed

  • Ball chain in any color
  • matching beads or crystals
  • metal wire 26 gauge
  • Bead cap
  • ear wire
  • pliers and cutter

That all. I am sure you can find all of them in your stash. right? Now Here is how to. I hope the picture is self explanatory.. If not read on..



  1. Cut the ball chains into equal lengths of 3 to 4 inches. (Length depends on the length of the tassel required.. Always cut double the length required plus half an inch extra. I cut mine into 3 inch.
  2. Align them neatly and slip the wire in the middle. I have used a piece of scrap wire lying around. Just 3 to 4 inch piece is enough.
  3. Using flat nosed pliers, twist the wire close to the chain. you may not get all the chains to align up properly and the tassel could become uneven in length. Try to adjust as much as you can and then tighten the loop with one more twist. It need not be perfect.
  4. Add the ball cap and matching bead and make a wrapped loop.
  5. Follow the above steps and make another piece for the other earrings
  6. Attach ear wires and holding both pieces in you hand, trim the bottom with cutter by cutting away single balls so that the tassels are in the same length in both earrings.tassel earrings.jpg

That simple.. Now If you let your imagination run free you could come up with a couple of variations.


  • You can intentionally make the chains in uneven lengths to get a rustic look.
  • You can use the chains in various colors to get a multicolor look.

You can customise the ear wires by simply adding a coordinated color bead to it like this.tassel-earrings2let me know your thoughts  and ideas on the variations. I love hearing from you. See you next time with something else. until then,

Have funsign

silk thread jewellery

Hi readers,
Good to catch up again after a short break. I would like to share with you a jewellry set made from silk thread..


At the end of the last year we had a customer who wanted to have her lehenga stitched. A simple gold skirt  with a geometric patterned blouse cloth in fluorescent pink completed with a golden net half saree. She also wanted a jumka, set of bangles and something that she does not have to wear close to the neck.So we settled for a medium length Haram .


The complete look

As the color of the blouse was too bright, i chose to use two colors that are few shades darker and lighter than the blouse.

The jumka was easy to make since she wanted something simple..No fuss.. So i wrapped a medium sized jumka base and attached them to flower earrings that i bought from Gaga over beads. I sticked a stone to the centre of the flower to jazz it up.


Simple Earrings in two tones of pink


Set of bangles

The set of bangles,  though time consuming were also relatively simple affair. But the Haram took some thinking and planning. silk-thread-dc5

I wanted a chandanbali type  pendent with beads all around. First i used beads of same size all around, then had a light bulb moment. so i undid everything i made and redid it with beads of gradually increasing sizes.. The effect was definitely better and the lady loved it.

I will meet you again with something new next time.. Until then, Take care

Happy new year

Hi , Hope the 2016 has been kind to you. It has been special to me. It marks a point in my life where I started to be more than a home maker and jewelry enthusiast. It helped me prove to myself that i could handle running a boutique shop as well as keep my sanity among other things. It was not easy.  I learned that I am not as patient as i thought i would be. And i found out i  can not handle five things at once as i imagined i could. But i had fun..

Past year has been filled with lots of challenges, which kept life interesting.. I met a lot of people, made  new friends, started writing the blog, learned a few things about myself and life in general. And i am looking forward to lot more of them in the coming year.


Some interesting milestones of 2016

I want to thank you for all the support you gave me and wish all of you a very happy new year. May the year 2017 be filled with joy and fun for you.


With warm wishes.


Dead lines and creativity

Before opening my small town boutique, I had all the time in the world to be creative. I had time to accommodate my passion for dress designing and jewelry making.  I thought It would not that be difficult to do in a professional way. After all how hard can it be to do what i have been doing in home for the past few years.. Like i said it was before opening the shop..

Creative process does not do well under pressure. Before turning my passion/hobby into business, I could take all the time I needed to let a design develop, redo something that was not quite perfect, sleep on a snag hoping I would miraculously wake up inspired. If not let it go for the time being and work on something else..

But  you do not get that  kind luxury when you have a dead line to meet. you need to think on your feet, juggle jobs to accommodate others and most of all let go of the concept of perfection and work on the theory of improvisation.

Bridal blouse 1

Bridal Blouse

Creating a bridal blouse is not like designing your everyday wear..The bride goes through hundreds,  if not thousands of designs to pick something she likes.She wants to be special. She wants to be unique. And the she wants her clothing to reflect that..

A lot of artisans put their energy, time and expertise to create the bride’s dress.. A single blouse could take days to embroider and embellish.And It takes lots of  organizing and re – organizing to make all the stages to synchronize perfectly with the d day..

Bridal blouse 2

Bridal blouse

And nothing compares to the satisfaction it gives you  when you not only meet the deadline but beat it. It is definitely worth it.

In the past year, I have had exhilarating, stressful, hectic, happy, disappointing and downright depressing days.. I have learned to compromise, be less of a perfectionist, keep my desk organised(a little bit) , work under the pressure of deadlines , learn to face the curve balls with a smile. Most of all I learned how much the support from my family means to me especially my mom.. Without whom I could not have met the deadline last week..

Until next time…


crochet in jwellry


crocheted flower bangle

crocheted flower bangle

I learned crocheting from my grand mother’s sister when I was a little girl(around 12) .I found a crocheting book in my mother stash and  was enthralled by  the colorful patterns and pretty little flowers.  I wanted so much to learn how to make them. My mom didn’t have the time to teach me hence the arrangement with the granny.. She lived in a nearby village and agreed to teach me, provided i go visit her one day.

I had quite an adventure going to visit a grandmother whom i have only met at few family functions. She is a gruff lady with hard exterior and soft heart.. One of those people who shows affection with a scowl..

She taught me crocheting , only the basics, but it stuck with me.. Now whenever i take a crochet hook, i think of  her quaint old house with a neem tree in the middle and her grunt of approval when i got a stitch right. Though i am not a very keen crocheter, i love to work with the hook from time to time.

I did my fair share of cellphone pouches and table coasters. Then when my interest in jewelry making grew, i tired ways of adopting crochet into jewelry. Above is silk thread bangle with crocheted flowers..


Turkish bead crochet with bungle beads

Then one day i came a technique called Turkish bead crochet. It is a fascinating way to pack together beads so that they are flexible as well as strong. Google and you tube being my best buddies i set about to learn it. It’s quite easy once you know the basics..

This is first attempt and and it came out fairly well.. I should thank my mom for the beads. I did not properly calculate how much bead i would need to string for my desired end product. It ended up too short to be any use. So solved the problem using some chunky beads in matching colors.


Turkish bead crochet with candy beads

Next project i did my math properly and got the length needed.. A patina ed ring with a lobster clasp and some flowers finished off the bracelet.

I would finish this post by thanking my grand mother for spending the time with a silly little girl who was too scared to hold the crochet hook right way.  (I am not sure i thanked her that day)

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Diwali this week.

Remodeling earrings

         “Dont be afraid to change. You may loose something good.. But you may gain something better.

Hi folks, Today let me tell you how an aspiring fashion designer got into jewelry making.

My taste in earrings always have leaned towards un conventional,  unlike my mom who wears traditional gold earrings. I prefer little stud earrings and danglers that i can match with my dress ( if i lost them, ‘Hey.. no problem’. Can’t say the same to  gold)

While shopping I would come across a beautiful piece of earrings with just one element i hated. Or one element I just loved but hated the piece as a whole.. I would buy them  anyway. I usually never wear them..

Then one day i got a set of pliers, that my father uses for home repair and tweaked the earrings to my liking.. The results were not great.. but i was hooked.. That’s when my journey started..I researched. learned new techniques, drove my mom mad, begged my husband for new tools, scavenged interesting pieces, taught myself and loved every minute of it..

I still do it sometimes, Buy something that i don’t like as a whole, but could use as individual pieces. I bought these earrings a while back..Too long for my taste. but i loved the flowers. The textured metal base with inlaid pink buds were irresistible.


Store brought earrings

I figured i could work around the length. I had some opaque seed beads (thanks to my mum) and made beaded balls with them for the earrings. Then I attached it to metal flower to make a pair of cute earrings.

Beaded ball earrings

Beaded ball earrings

A simple corel disc in pale pink completed my simple bracelet.. And I have a few more metal discs to play in the future..Sri Creations

I am new to blogging and just starting to learn the ropes.. So kindly bear with until i learn from my mistakes..Or you can always make it easier for me by pointing them out to me.. I would love your feed back.. See you soon.. Until then Keep smiling..


Hi folks,

Thank you for joining me here today.. As this is my first blog post let me introduce myself.. My name is Sridevi and I am a small town girl. I am happily married and have two great kids and run my own dress and jewelry boutique.. “What more would this girl need”, you might think.. I have this hunger for learning new things and better myself.. I am constantly on the look out for new ideas and techniques.. I see the world through my computer everyday..




It occurred to me that blogging will be a great way to connect to like minded people and share my experiences.. I am hoping to inspire and be inspired.. I invite everyone of you to join in my journey..