“Dont be afraid to change. You may loose something good.. But you may gain something better.

Hi folks, Today let me tell you how an aspiring fashion designer got into jewelry making.

My taste in earrings always have leaned towards un conventional,  unlike my mom who wears traditional gold earrings. I prefer little stud earrings and danglers that i can match with my dress ( if i lost them, ‘Hey.. no problem’. Can’t say the same to  gold)

While shopping I would come across a beautiful piece of earrings with just one element i hated. Or one element I just loved but hated the piece as a whole.. I would buy them  anyway. I usually never wear them..

Then one day i got a set of pliers, that my father uses for home repair and tweaked the earrings to my liking.. The results were not great.. but i was hooked.. That’s when my journey started..I researched. learned new techniques, drove my mom mad, begged my husband for new tools, scavenged interesting pieces, taught myself and loved every minute of it..

I still do it sometimes, Buy something that i don’t like as a whole, but could use as individual pieces. I bought these earrings a while back..Too long for my taste. but i loved the flowers. The textured metal base with inlaid pink buds were irresistible.

Store brought earrings

I figured i could work around the length. I had some opaque seed beads (thanks to my mum) and made beaded balls with them for the earrings. Then I attached it to metal flower to make a pair of cute earrings.

Beaded ball earrings
Beaded ball earrings

A simple corel disc in pale pink completed my simple bracelet.. And I have a few more metal discs to play in the future..Sri Creations

I am new to blogging and just starting to learn the ropes.. So kindly bear with until i learn from my mistakes..Or you can always make it easier for me by pointing them out to me.. I would love your feed back.. See you soon.. Until then Keep smiling..