crocheted flower bangle
crocheted flower bangle

I learned crocheting from my grand mother’s sister when I was a little girl(around 12) .I found a crocheting book in my mother stash and  was enthralled by  the colorful patterns and pretty little flowers.  I wanted so much to learn how to make them. My mom didn’t have the time to teach me hence the arrangement with the granny.. She lived in a nearby village and agreed to teach me, provided i go visit her one day.

I had quite an adventure going to visit a grandmother whom i have only met at few family functions. She is a gruff lady with hard exterior and soft heart.. One of those people who shows affection with a scowl..

She taught me crocheting , only the basics, but it stuck with me.. Now whenever i take a crochet hook, i think of  her quaint old house with a neem tree in the middle and her grunt of approval when i got a stitch right. Though i am not a very keen crocheter, i love to work with the hook from time to time.

I did my fair share of cellphone pouches and table coasters. Then when my interest in jewelry making grew, i tired ways of adopting crochet into jewelry. Above is silk thread bangle with crocheted flowers..

Turkish bead crochet with bungle beads

Then one day i came a technique called Turkish bead crochet. It is a fascinating way to pack together beads so that they are flexible as well as strong. Google and you tube being my best buddies i set about to learn it. It’s quite easy once you know the basics..

This is first attempt and and it came out fairly well.. I should thank my mom for the beads. I did not properly calculate how much bead i would need to string for my desired end product. It ended up too short to be any use. So solved the problem using some chunky beads in matching colors.

Turkish bead crochet with candy beads

Next project i did my math properly and got the length needed.. A patina ed ring with a lobster clasp and some flowers finished off the bracelet.

I would finish this post by thanking my grand mother for spending the time with a silly little girl who was too scared to hold the crochet hook right way.  (I am not sure i thanked her that day)

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Diwali this week.