Before opening my small town boutique, I had all the time in the world to be creative. I had time to accommodate my passion for dress designing and jewelry making.  I thought It would not that be difficult to do in a professional way. After all how hard can it be to do what i have been doing in home for the past few years.. Like i said it was before opening the shop..

Creative process does not do well under pressure. Before turning my passion/hobby into business, I could take all the time I needed to let a design develop, redo something that was not quite perfect, sleep on a snag hoping I would miraculously wake up inspired. If not let it go for the time being and work on something else..

But  you do not get that  kind luxury when you have a dead line to meet. you need to think on your feet, juggle jobs to accommodate others and most of all let go of the concept of perfection and work on the theory of improvisation.

Bridal blouse 1

Bridal Blouse

Creating a bridal blouse is not like designing your everyday wear..The bride goes through hundreds,  if not thousands of designs to pick something she likes.She wants to be special. She wants to be unique. And the she wants her clothing to reflect that..

A lot of artisans put their energy, time and expertise to create the bride’s dress.. A single blouse could take days to embroider and embellish.And It takes lots of  organizing and re – organizing to make all the stages to synchronize perfectly with the d day..

Bridal blouse 2
Bridal blouse

And nothing compares to the satisfaction it gives you  when you not only meet the deadline but beat it. It is definitely worth it.

In the past year, I have had exhilarating, stressful, hectic, happy, disappointing and downright depressing days.. I have learned to compromise, be less of a perfectionist, keep my desk organised(a little bit) , work under the pressure of deadlines , learn to face the curve balls with a smile. Most of all I learned how much the support from my family means to me especially my mom.. Without whom I could not have met the deadline last week..

Until next time…