Hi readers,
Good to catch up again after a short break. I would like to share with you a jewellry set made from silk thread..


At the end of the last year we had a customer who wanted to have her lehenga stitched. A simple gold skirt  with a geometric patterned blouse cloth in fluorescent pink completed with a golden net half saree. She also wanted a jumka, set of bangles and something that she does not have to wear close to the neck.So we settled for a medium length Haram .

The complete look

As the color of the blouse was too bright, i chose to use two colors that are few shades darker and lighter than the blouse.

The jumka was easy to make since she wanted something simple..No fuss.. So i wrapped a medium sized jumka base and attached them to flower earrings that i bought from Gaga over beads. I sticked a stone to the centre of the flower to jazz it up.

Simple Earrings in two tones of pink
Set of bangles

The set of bangles,  though time consuming were also relatively simple affair. But the Haram took some thinking and planning. silk-thread-dc5

I wanted a chandanbali type  pendent with beads all around. First i used beads of same size all around, then had a light bulb moment. so i undid everything i made and redid it with beads of gradually increasing sizes.. The effect was definitely better and the lady loved it.

I will meet you again with something new next time.. Until then, Take care