Hi there.

This is my first time writing a tutorial post.And we will be making a simple tassel earrings with ball chains that’s available in a variety of colors for silk thread jewellery.. Without further ado here are the list of materials needed.diy

Materials needed

  • Ball chain in any color
  • matching beads or crystals
  • metal wire 26 gauge
  • Bead cap
  • ear wire
  • pliers and cutter

That all. I am sure you can find all of them in your stash. right? Now Here is how to. I hope the picture is self explanatory.. If not read on..



  1. Cut the ball chains into equal lengths of 3 to 4 inches. (Length depends on the length of the tassel required.. Always cut double the length required plus half an inch extra. I cut mine into 3 inch.
  2. Align them neatly and slip the wire in the middle. I have used a piece of scrap wire lying around. Just 3 to 4 inch piece is enough.
  3. Using flat nosed pliers, twist the wire close to the chain. you may not get all the chains to align up properly and the tassel could become uneven in length. Try to adjust as much as you can and then tighten the loop with one more twist. It need not be perfect.
  4. Add the ball cap and matching bead and make a wrapped loop.
  5. Follow the above steps and make another piece for the other earrings
  6. Attach ear wires and holding both pieces in you hand, trim the bottom with cutter by cutting away single balls so that the tassels are in the same length in both earrings.tassel earrings.jpg

That simple.. Now If you let your imagination run free you could come up with a couple of variations.


  • You can intentionally make the chains in uneven lengths to get a rustic look.
  • You can use the chains in various colors to get a multicolor look.

You can customise the ear wires by simply adding a coordinated color bead to it like this.tassel-earrings2let me know your thoughts  and ideas on the variations. I love hearing from you. See you next time with something else. until then,

Have funsign