I have been running my own boutique shop for a couple of years now. And I want to share my experience and some frustrations I have come across while taking stitching orders for my customers, specifically choosing of the necklines.

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I can classify my customers roughly into four categories

  • Those who knows what looks good on them.(I want this. what do you think?)
  • Those who leaves it the designer’s hand( you choose what would be good.)
  • Those who think they know what looks good on them(I saw such and such person wearing this. It looked great. I want it.)
  • Those who don’t really care.(It’s just a dress for rough use..blah blah blah)

The first category would be my ideal customer. She knows her body and mind and is willing to experiment new looks. She is excited about the new clothing and wants to look great in them.  The second is bit of a risk. Even Though she is giving me a free hand, there is always a chance she might not like what i think will look good. It is imperative to discuss every aspect of the dress and get her okay on details..

The third is the source of constant frustration to me. They think they know what looks good and are not ready to deviate from their idea.They might ask me about the design but always disregard my advice anyway. They do not consider any other factor other than the image they have on their mind about how the dress should look.The final group, though not really a danger, take the fun out of my profession.

Why is it important?

The neckline plays a major part in the look of the finished dress. If chosen wisely it should flatter your figure as well as your face..In technical speak “It should emphasis your flattering parts and draw the eyes away from your problem areas.” In normal english. Dont ignore it friends. This might make you look dumpy or beautiful depending on your choice. So pay attention..

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The important factors to consider before deciding your neckline

The shape of your face and body type.

It’s true people. The right neckline could compliment  the dress as well as the wearer. There are some great resources out there to help you choose what might look good on you.. Do some research.. I found some basic  guidelines to help you  here and here.

The type of the material.

Trust me guys.. As much as a collar neck might flatter you, you don’t want to be wearing a collar neck in a synthetic material, suffocating you in the summer heat. so consider the type and drape of cloth you have chosen as well as the season right ahead.

The occasion on which the dress is to be worn.

Be it a wedding, a job interview, evening out with friends or at home trying to tackle all the household work. Comfort should be an important consideration.


It is always prudent to consider the accessories you are going to be wearing with the dress.If you are planning to wear a statement necklace or earring with the dress it is advisable to keep the neckline simple and open.

When in doubt keep it simple

Dont follow others blindly

It looks great on nayanthara. It might not look so good on you. consider the difference in the body shapes before copying your favorite heroine or your next door neighbour. You are unique. Your dress should reflect your style. Above all, Have fun. Dont close yourself in a box. Experiment on new looks and be a source of inspiration to others.

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If you are looking for some inspiration on choosing a neckline browse my pinterest board  dedicated to necklines.

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I value your feed backs very much. consider leaving a comment.

Until next time,Cheers